It is a great start to the new year if you happen to already own a HyperVibe whole body vibration machine – and if you don’t own one yet, it is a good time to call your local distributor!

Since I am in Ontario, our distributor is HyperVibe Ontario, Peter Mueller – and that is good news! He is very attentive to his customers and goes the extra mile to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed buying decision. When you buy, he also provides excellent customer service and follow-up.

Which brings me to the point of this blog.

Peter emailed me in the new year to say there were new web resources and new accessories to accelerate my workouts. The timing was perfect. Both my husband and I are hooked on the daily massage benefits of our HyperVibe. Yes, I do stretching exercises when I take a break from my desk. But I knew it was time to take it up a notch.

First off I opened a pdf attachment Peter sent that showed an instructor performing over a dozen exercises using the HyperVibe with the new step, mat and balance ball. Visually, I was blown away. The extent of the workout was apparent, and it was far beyond the massage and stretching benefits of the machine. I will check with some Blog pros to see if I can post the pdf to this site. In the meantime, check out the accessories at


Stay tuned!

Then I went to a website You have to register and log in. The site has a massive amount of content including instructional videos. First I saw the main video on the Home Page on ‘Whole Body Vibration Explained’. Below the link the video was the name Gabriel Ettenson. Naturally, I googled Gabriel.

I don’t know about you, but I love finding information that boosts the credibility of anything I am interested in. And a short bio on Gabriel did just that.

It turns out he is on the Board of Advisors for HyperVibe at the heart of all of the research on whole body vibration taking place in Australia. Gabriel is a New York state licensed Physical Therapist, the owner of Equilibrium Physical Therapy and Co-Owner of Amplitude Vibration Studio in New York. He has utilized Whole Body Vibration Technology for both fitness training and rehabilitative purposes. Among the individuals that he works with on a daily basis are athletes, firefighters, business professionals, individuals with neurological deficits, and the elderly.

Hmm, that gave a bit of credibility to the video! It is only 8 minutes long, but packed with research that demonstrates the effects of gravity and its relationship to our body. I understood that as I have become older and more sedentary (remember, I sit at my computer all day), I have been experiencing the negative effects of gravity on my body. The result, just like the astronauts who lose muscle in outer space, I have been experiencing muscle atrophy too. A WBV machine like HyperVibe can increase the force of gravity on my body, thereby increasing the positive effects of exercising while using a WBV machine.

I took a tour through the site. Check it out. For each heading – Medical, Performance, and Health & Wellness, there is detailed information on Benefits, a selection of Videos, Articles, detailed info on the Research and ‘Protocols’. Protocols provide the exact WBV exercises that will target very specific health issues. For instance, under Health & Wellness, there are detailed exercise routines or protocols for balance, multiple sclerosis, massage, flexibility, low back pain, osteoporosis, total body conditioning (beginner, intermediate, intermediate/advanced and advanced). WOW!

So I am working on two routines: one for low back pain and one for total body conditioning – beginner.

I have the RE-Vibe Step to ensure I can have the right tools to get started.

As I said, I have been addicted to the massage benefits of my HyperVibe, but the total body conditioning and low back pain workouts are different. After (2) one-minute sets of lunges, my legs were jello. And after a set of a standing pelvic tilt, I could feel that my stomach muscles were still like jello an hour later.

There is so much good information here that I have only touched the tip of the iceberg of content. I am going to do a routine now – jello legs may become a habit!

If you get serious about purchasing a HyperVibe, give Peter a call, tell him ‘Suzanne Sent You’! or 905 906-8860

Also, be sure to download the Whole Body Vibration Buyers Guide. I have talked about it before, but it worth repeating.




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