Debflex1-tnDeb Pelletier

In 2007 Revibe began as a specialized studio focusing on a new technology.  Whole body vibration.   Our initial focus, training 7 years worth so far.  Not only ourselves but our customers.  There is an art to effective utilization of whole body vibration machines and although standing and squatting are the most common there are many ways to interact with a vibration machine and we specialize in showing you how!

We now train, sell & service machines to!  Our experience in using a variety of platforms saw us evolve into delivering & supporting some of the best machines available in the world today.  Brands such as Hypervibe, Galileo, Vibrogym, VibePlate & Equivibe.

In 2011 Hypervibe Australia with assistance from industry contributors such as Motion Health, Revibe & ENS Health sent one of the largest collections of machines ever to independent engineers in Canada, US & Australia.  The goal, identify the differences from an acceleration standpoint.   A buyers guide was compiled and released and has really shaken up the industry.  Now one can more readily identify a machine to suit there needs.  Light duty low acceleration or a more versatile high acceleration machine to expand the benefits available.

At Revibe, results mean something especially when it comes to fitness & weight loss.  Body composition changes such as body fat require not only hard work while exercising but a balanced nutritional plan that is suited to your activity and goals.  You have to do your part and a machine has to be able to do its.  Our machines are outstanding examples of companies that deliver what they claim and that is why we represent them.

Our commitment.  Delivering the best service, products and support  we can while maintaining an open and accountable relationship with our valued customers.

TNdanpDan Pelletier

Dan has been working with whole body vibration machines since 2007.  As a studio operator and a trainee under Vibrogym International 2 years were invested into theory and practical application of vertical vibration machines.  In 2009 we were advised of our acceptance as “Master Instructors” for Vibrogym.  It was about that time we decided to invest more time into developing our skills further by applying our knowledge and experience to the Pivotal platforms as well.  7 years later with a significant amount of experience and success we represent several major vibration machine brands such as Hypervibe, Galileo, VibePlate and others.  We supply whole body vibration accessories, programs, training & support no matter which platform you use along with other exciting products.

Our experience makes up a portion of our success to date but dedication, ethical standards, moral integrity and accountability are what maintain our success.  In this business there has been a significant amount of questionable marketing, claims and infighting.  The industry itself has pushed forward to help consumers understand that differences in machines are not limited to esthetics and the number of functions a machine may have but include how they are engineered and how well they perform at the platform with the usable energy.  Platform acceleration, control, balance & durability are all more important in the end than the fat monitor or questionably calibrated calorie counters some include.  Machines are one thing, how to interact with and obtain results using them are another.  We were a small start up business in a small town.  There was no denying that if we wanted to follow our path, grow our business and maintain our passion for whole body vibration we had to take on a larger role in the industry.  We did just that and continue with that same passion and excitement today.

Dan will be contributing fun and insightful articles from time to time and his experience and passion will very likely show through.

0041-B2Peter Mueller

Discovering whole body vibration in 2008, Peter continues to develop his then newly found interest into a growing personal and business passion.  Peter further invites all to experience the difference for themselves with the unique opportunity to test a number of popular machines back to back in a single convenient location. Including high and low resistance pivotal, lineal and tri plan style machines. With visitors from far and wide, the trip is always worth the effort, as no other such opportunity exists in the country. He also operates his business interest’s representing Motion Health, Hypervibe Ontario and from the same Hamilton Ontario location.

They remain the only group of companies who’s representatives market and encourage prospective purchasers to try as many different machines as possible. “We know this will help you “Get It!”

Chris BChris Boucher

Chris is an In-Home Personal Trainer, specializing in metabolic resistance training.  He started his career in the fitness industry in 1988, and began personal training in 1990, ultimately opening up his own training business in 1996.  Chris holds certifications in Titleist Golf Fitness, Personal Training and Youth Sports Conditioning, and loves using the HyperVibe to build endurance and stability in his clients.  The hypervibe allows him to add a little bit extra, using the HyperVibe G10 with every workout, to make the body work harder than it’s used to.  Chris also use the HyperVibe in his group classes, to add extra lower body stimulation while using the exercise bands or medicine balls.

Eileen Fauster  Eileen Fauster

Eileen is an acupuncturist, holistic nutritionist, sought-after motivational speaker and raw food expert who inspires and educates about healthy living, healthy eating and the raw food lifestyle. Passionate about the vibrant health and energy, she leads a wellness practice in two Toronto locations, Yorkville and Woodbridge, where she helps clients one-on-one with a variety of health issues, including hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, mild to severe sensitivities, chronic health issues, and anti-aging goals.

As a Black Belt and Certified Coach of Chinese martial arts, Eileen motivates and empowers her clients to take control of their health by combining healthy eating with regular exercise, including the fitness-enhancing HyperVibe Whole Body Vibration Machine, to help clients strengthen their bodies for a balanced life.

Eileen has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, is an Advanced Registered Holistic Nutritionist (ARHN), Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac), Certified Iridologist (C.Ir), and WHEE Pain Release practitioner.

 Suzanne Mulligan

I have been interested in the topic of Whole Body Vibration for some time now. I have decided to start this blog to share my experiences. It seems to me that there is a lot of professional or research type information out there. But if you are like me, you want to know how things work and why they work and IF they work from a real person’s perspective.

I am a freelance writer. For over twenty plus years in my professional life I have gained a reputation for writing articles, books, proposals, ‘user friendly’ manuals and ‘ How To’ toolkits. I have decided to apply that skill set to describe my journey on this new exercise path.

This blog and Whole Body Vibration represent a learning curve for me. I look forward to sharing my experiences and reading your comments and questions. Suzanne Mulligan