testshotx150In 2010 I was offered the opportunity to participate in the next round of vibration machine performance testing. Australia had led with the original round of tests focused on popular platforms found in the market at the time. This next round would include a variety of high end commercial platforms and further expand to include others from the North American market. The global effort was funded by HyperVibe Australia and made available to all as the Whole Body Vibration Buyers Guide in the fall of 2011.

My challenge was to search out vibration machines made available in Eastern Canada. This was an easy task as my collection had already grown to include a number of them from trade ins. These machines along with my VibraFlex 550 demo model and a couple of others I had purchased out right would be my contribution, along with searching out a southern Ontario engineering firm to perform the tests.

What to do with all these machines after the tests were completed?

Today I can boast ownership of the largest private collection of whole body vibration machines in Canada.  So now, what to do with all these machines? Why not make them available for all keen to try and learn from at a single convenient location?  Most marketing their chosen brand remain focused on selling just that, their product. All refer to the global research to support the beneficial findings, then set claim all translates to their offerings. Something the independent engineer tests proved different. Our approach is to first educate, that’s why developing the Buyers Guide was so important. The more people understand the importance of a vibration machines performance and how it translates to producing the results. They better armed they are with the facts in making a purchase decision to meet their wellness or fitness goals.


The prospective customer is left to fend for themselves through ever growing options. Sadly, most will totally rely on what’s shared on a given companies website, fact or fiction, then make a purchase decision on price point.  Failing to make what I feel is the most critical pre-purchase action….. “Try, before you Buy” and try several different types on machines offering different types of vibration patterns. The problem with this, for most is access to a variety of platforms. Even more scares, availability to experience true high energy commercial platforms. A word of caution here; many marketers are now referring to some of their machines as commercial quality when in fact they are simply low energy massage machines.


For example, last fall I had a women reply to one of my ads offering a Power Plate MY5 at a very attractive price. They were coming from out of the area and it would take over 3 hours to get to me…. “Please don’t sell it! I’m very interested and want it” she said during her call. She further shared that she had been using that same model at the fitness studio, loved it and wanted one. With a retail value too high to justify, she was convinced this would be the deal she had been waiting for. They arrived on schedule all excited to take home their find, but the experience to follow would throw a wrench into the plan.  You see up until that day, her only experience with whole body vibration was that particular brand and model. She’d never even thought of considering anything else, let alone experiencing other machines.  Well needless to say, what she had assumed as being the only way to go took a dramatically turn after an hour of demos and the 6 hours in total drive time. When asked if the trip had been well worth the time, both she and her husband looked at each other, smiled and agreed, “well worth it” With the experienced shared not only did they go with a total different brand and platform type, they doubled their investment in a vibration platform now truly understanding what it would take to reach their expected outcome with use.

At this time I wish to extend to you, the same offer. If the interest is ever there, I would like to invite you to experience the difference for yourself…..  the unique opportunity to test a number of popular machines back to back here at my home office in Hamilton.  This includes high and low resistance pivotal, lineal and tri-plain style machines. The trip to Hamilton would be well worth your while, as no other such opportunity exists here in Ontario or the country for that matter.

We’re the only ones marketing and encouraging prospective purchasers to try as many different machines as possible…….. We know this will help you “Get It!” 


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