There is a lot of information out there about the effects of g force on the body. Our body is constantly subjected to gravity; it pulls down vertically on our body when we are in a standing position. It is a key factor in keeping our bones, muscles and cardiovascular system strong and healthy. A lack of exposure to gravity in this manner can lead to the deterioration of our health. This happens when we are inactive, like when we are sitting for extending periods of time as many of us do.

On a vibration platform your exposure to gravity can be increased improving your body’s health in a number of ways. The vast majority of research to date has shown evidence of more benefits when higher g-forces are used.


Unfortunately many vibration machines are not capable of producing high g-forces. Incorrect machine specs and misleading marketing have lead many consumers to believe high G’s don’t work or aren’t necessary.  Some even claim vibration machines that offer high g-forces can be harmful using fear to steer the consumer towards their mass produced, low performing machines. High g-forces on a vibration machine cannot be compared the g-forces the body is subjected to in a car or an airplane where the acceleration is accumulating on the body in a singular direction.

If you have never experienced a machine capable high acceleration, you wouldn’t have experienced how your body actually reacts to it. On a pivotal platform when using lower frequencies (under approx. 15 HZ), you can feel your body shake or wobble as it moves back and forth in an effort to remain stable on the platform.  When moving into higher frequencies and higher g-forces your body has to recruit more muscle fiber to keep you stable, the feeling goes from being almost choppy to tonic, or like a pulse you can feel in your muscles. Many of our clients find the higher frequencies more comfortable, less jarring.  This too is where many of the big benefits associated with WBV kick in.

In this short video, we aim to demonstrate that a machine with high acceleration is nothing to be afraid of and in no way compares to being in an Indy race car. Reducing your amplitude (bringing your feet or hands closer together) can help users experience higher frequencies while controlling the intensity of the stimulation to their comfort level until ready to progress into higher g-forces. Having a machine that offers a full range of g-force is your best long term investment.

Click here for access to the video now!

For more info about g-forces and its importance when related to whole body vibration platforms see our site…


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