I’ve been using a variety both vertical and pivotal style platforms for over a decade now with people at all different levels of health. Regardless of where you are starting from this technology is an activity almost anyone even using passively can gain benefit from. In many ways it offers advantages over traditional exercise and therapy and dramatically reduces the time an effort spent performing it.


There are a few terms that may be a given here for some of you. For those just beginning to research whole body vibration, I want to go over some basics to help you identify which machines are capable of offering which benefits. For a basic understanding how this technology works, please watch Whole Body Vibration Explained.


Today there are now a variety of machines with different movement styles available in the market but the research still firmly stands behind two primary types, Lineal and Pivotal.  These will be the focus of our comparison as they are the only two movement styles that have proven to be capable of producing any significant gforce. Manufacturers and retailers battle it out over why one is better than the other when really there have been few studies comparing the two.

If overall gforce is equal between a vertical and a pivotal machine, for the most part the benefits it can create will also be similar.  Platform movement style then becomes more of a preference to the user, which feels more comfortable to them. What I have seen time and time again over the years is a preference towards pivotal style plates. It more mimics the motion of how we walk across the floor, shifting our weight side to side. Users comment that they tend to feel less vibration up into the head (which by the way is more about unlocking your legs regardless on machine).

Whether you prefer a vertical or pivotal style machine, the next question you are asking yourself is how much.  What can you expect to pay for one with enough gforce range to accomplish your goal? Watch below as we compare the next factor which is price between these two validated vibration platforms.

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