The advantages of a whole body vibration machine without Handles…

Since launching the all new G10 & G14 models from HyperVibe, I have found the variety of poses I can perform has expanded dramatically and my technique in many ways has improved. My yoga & Pilates crowd will back me up on this style of platform, as it allows for a more natural range of motion. Poses don’t need to be modified to accommodate for the tower & taller users feel less cramped in their squats & push-ups.

G10 poses
There are other advantages to having a machine without the potential restrictions that handlebars or a tower may impose. Without handles, you are kinda forced to work within your own natural range of motion & flexibility. Often I see people hanging on for dear life, squatting way lower that they could on their own and their weight is out of balance. Long term bad habits like this can actually aggravate muscles & joints and prematurely wear on your machine.


Some clients are concerned about balance and stability. Certainly a set of handles or something to hang onto is needed for some of our clients but for the average person, balance & stability is one of the first-side benefits you will notice using a vibration platform. Before long you’ll see the pros of having this type of vibration machine, not to mention the new models are stylish and can easily be tucked away when not in use.


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