Wishing You a Prosperous, Healthy, Energetic and Extremely rewarding HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!



The New Year is here and one of the top New Year’s resolutions most will make every single year is to finally live healthier,  get back to exercising and lose weight. Unfortunately for many, our good intentions never get past the new “To Do List” for the simply reason’s of direction, commitment and then…. time.

Whole Body Vibration Training, when done on a high resistance platform and the correct techniques can stimulate the body in ways not possible with any other form of exercise.

A new direction for WholeBodyVibrationBlog.com

Over the year ahead, we will do our best to search out and share what this wonderful form of therapy and fitness training known as whole body vibration has to offer. With timely industry news, machine reports and training tips. Along with complimenting health related findings and insights from some of the top trainers and experts across the country.

All the best in the year ahead!




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