I came upon the whole topic of Whole Body Vibration or WBV while doing some research and then happened to see a demonstration of a machine at a Health and Wellness Show.

The fact that it was low impact and talked about transforming my health and fitness in just a few minutes a day certainly got my attention. And l loved how my legs felt after I had stood on the machine at the show.

But I don’t make large expenditures quickly so I did more reading. At the time I could not find a lot of information comparing different machines – but I was certainly finding information on the one I purchased.

The list of benefits was extensive: improved muscle strength, bone mass density, flexibility, circulation, decreased cellulite, and reduced low back pain… great!

I took the plunge and purchased a T Zone V 12. When it came I was a bit overwhelmed. My husband was out of town and this large box was delivered – which was not surprising of course – but I had to unpack and assemble it. Now I do a lot of things well, but reading instructions to assemble ‘something technical’ is not my favorite pass time! At the risk of embarrassing myself, lets just say I had to wait a few days for some help.

We knew a year in advance that we would be moving to another City. I was therefore a little distressed to see the big sign when we pulled the machine out of the box, instructing us to keep the box in case the machine ever had to be returned for warranty issues. Hmm. I did not want to keep the box, even if I collapsed it. We were downsizing and a large cardboard package did not fit in with my plans. I had been instructed to keep other boxes in the past – but never did – so I promptly put the box out on garbage / recycling day.

Once the machine was assembled I was thrilled to get started. My initial results were fabulous. I had suffered from restless leg syndrome for years. Nothing had ever worked except self-medicating with over the counter pills that caused drowsiness, taking a hot bath, or sleeping with my legs elevated. In fact during my first pregnancy, it was so bad that I used to wrap myself in a blanket, lay on the floor with my feet on the wall – almost a 90-degree angle! So you can imagine how thrilled I was to realize that if I used the machine before bed, for just 10 minutes, I slept better than I had in years, without restless legs.

I basically used the WBV machine as my muscle relaxer during the day. Since I sit at my desk all day, I admit I have developed a terrible case of poor posture. The results are predictable. I get a sore neck and major mid back spasms – picture a hump back and you can throw a dart to the exact spot that aches! But if I pulled myself away from my desk and used the machine for 10 minutes, I could change the bend in my knees and feel the massage effects in different areas of my back. It was a great muscle-relaxing tool.

My husband did the same thing. Unfortunately where I have a home office, he has to commute an hour and a quarter (when traffic is flowing). If there is any type of accident, bad weather or the moon and the stars are just not aligned right – it takes longer. Then he has the privilege of sitting at a desk! He too found that coming home and having a WBV massage was a great strategy.

One day turned into the next. We became preoccupied with our new house that was being built; making decisions; changing decisions and making new ones! Sorting and packing and leaving boxes of goodies on the porch for charity pick-ups.

On and off I continued my research into Whole Body Vibration. It helped me to answer questions when people came to visit and asked, “What the heck is that?”

Two things happened simultaneously: I began to have the symptoms of restless leg syndrome sneak up on me again. Of course I blamed myself. I had used the machine too early in the evening; or I hadn’t stood on it properly (wow, rationalizing is a strange pastime, considering I had been using the machine for 6 months by then!)

Secondly, I began finding new research articles on whole body vibration. And wouldn’t you know it – research that began comparing WBV machines.

You know when you are going along, and suddenly you feel ‘oh crap, I am not sure I want to read any more about this.’ I had the sudden feeling that maybe I would rather stay in the dark. After all, I had spent a lot of money on a machine that I just had to have. Suddenly it was not providing the same results for me. And some of the reports on the Internet that I was downloading were leading me to think the machine I owned had limits to its abilities. Maybe my machine and I had reached our limits.


But always the optimist, I continued to use it and occasionally had to get up in the middle of the night for a hot bath. After all, we were moving, I was busy trying to establish a business and move households with as little stress as possible. Maybe it was all to be expected.

We moved in May. The WBV machine got put in a corner for a while. We socialized with the neighbors, slowly got unpacked and organized. It was time to find the right spot for the machine and get started again.

But that feeling was back. This is not working the way it used to. What the heck is that all about?

I went back to my research. I found some GREAT sites. In fact I will start a page of my favorite sites for you. But remember, I am a Blog/Website newbie. I want to write about my experiences but at the same time I am also learning how to set up pages, how to add links and all of the other technical information that I have to learn! I need to take this one step at a time!

So stay tuned. My research on WBV continued; I have met with a great personal trainer who uses WBV as a core component of her studio equipment and fitness training services; and I have started on this very interesting journey to document my progress.

…But one step at a time.


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