My journey has continued to explore the good and the bad of the whole body vibration industry with an emphasis on, “What can it do for me?” After all, that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day!

I came upon a Fitness Studio in Barrie Ontario, run by Rita Barbaro – a personal trainer specialist and Can-Fit Pro. I learned that she moved from her home studio and opened Results Body Studio. When she opened in April, not only did she have all of the traditional fitness equipment and class choices, but she also added 4 Hypervibe machines.

I made arrangements, between her busy training schedule and mine to talk with her by phone. I felt it was really important for me to understand how a professional had made the choice of that particular machine. She told me she had joined a T-Zone class for a month last November and really loved the machine.  After a month she realized that it was the massage experience she was enjoying, but she was not getting a sense that her body was being challenged in terms of a workout. Granted, her threshold for what a workout level should be would be much higher than mine (the weekend exerciser).

The massage element was great, but she decided to do her own research into what made machines different – were some better than others? She found that some machines had totally different ‘actions’ in the platform: some were tilt while others were lineal. I had been noting some of these differences in my reading too.

The lineal style moves up and down and seems to have some potential side effects: excessive head vibration being one. Since I occasionally suffer from bad headaches, I am definitely not going down that road!

The platforms that tilt are called pivotal platforms and they seem to have more documented research behind them. Rita decided on the pivotal or oscillating mechanism based upon what she read., which lead her to Hypervibe.

Through all of her research, she found herself in contact with Hypervibe in Australia, which made sense – after all, a lot of scientific studies on whole body vibration seem to come out of Australia. They directed her to Hypervibe Canada. As things would have it, her timing was perfect. The Hypervibe rep told  Rita he was going to be in Ancaster Ontario that weekend at a Home Show and she could try the machine for herself.

Now, from Barrie Ontario to Ancaster is a couple of hours drive, but  felt she needed to try it for herself. And guess what? She told me, “I was on the  machine for 30 seconds and I could FEEL the difference! I bought 4 machines on the spot for my studio.”  

I was impressed! Rita uses the Hypervibe machines in a number of different ways. The clients who use it for 10 minutes as a warm up, performing various exercises standing on it, tell her they are more flexible. In fact some clients who come in to the studio stiff and achy from being at work on their feet all day find that 10 minutes before their class on the Hypervibe makes all the difference in the world to their workout. Rita herself has found improvement with her poor blood circulation. Her hands and feet are no longer constantly cold. The choice of classes also includes the machine for toning in a specific Hypervibe class: ten minutes of using it as a step machine, at the lowest level; ten minutes training at a higher level, doing various exercises/poses in addition to using the bands that come with the machine; followed by ten minutes for recovery through a series of stretching, standing and sitting poses.

The machine has been a positive addition to her business and she believes it has helped some members move to the next level of their fitness training – and her studio has only been opened 8 months.

After I spoke to her I went back to her website ( Now I was looking at her in a new light. In June 2008, Rita competed in her first All Natural Figure Competition. She placed 2nd and 3rd in the two categories she entered. That is pretty impressive, but I had to admit to myself I am not planning on  ever competing in a natural figure competition! But the next line caught my eye: 
“Rita is dedicated to health and fitness; she believes that any small changes people make towards living a healthy life can make a significant impact in their lives.”   That sentence spoke to me. I sit at a computer desk all day, have osteopenia, some arthritis is starting and I need to make some small changes, leading to bigger changes, one step at a time. And I needed more than the T-Zone was offering me.

I went back to her comment that ”she could feel the difference on the Hypervibe machine after 30 seconds” and I made a decision. I called the Hypervibe Ontario rep  and got news that was music to my ears: I could trade the T-Zone in for a credit towards the Hypervibe machine!  

My decision is made!  



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