My machine was delivered last week! It was so easy since I did not have to unpack and assemble it – it was personally assembled by the HyperVibe Ontario Rep. He showed my husband and I the different information we would see on the LCD display screen: time, speed, and how to move from program to program.

While in the Balance Program, the machine is running at the lowest speeds of about 6 – 8Hz. This setting is best for balance and stability improvements.

The Recovery Program operates at an average of 11Hz and is used for therapeutic benefits. During the recovery phase the muscles are beginning to experience involuntary muscle contractions. I have come to call the recovery setting ‘getting the blood moving!’

The Training Program runs at an average of 19Hz – a frequency that can produce a G force strong enough for strength training. This is a pretty powerful setting for a newbie like me.

The Tone Program is beyond words for me at the moment! At an average speed of 26Hz you FEEL the G force – I have not experienced anything quite like it before. I can see where this setting would result in muscle strength and increased bone density. I already know I will have to work my way up to the toning program.

We were left with an Owner’s Manual, a two sided card that showed the basic stances for warm up, lower body, upper body and cool down routine. If that wasn’t enough, we also have a DVD that demonstrates all of the possible exercises with safety and training tips. I can honestly say that step one of just having the machine delivered and set up was very positive.

Another very pleasant surprise is the fact that ownership includes a complete fitness assessment, followed by a recommended training routine from a professional personal fitness trainer. That will be exciting and intimidating all at the same time! Our assessment has been booked but in the meantime I certainly have enough information to begin using and enjoying the machine.

Since I sit at a desk working on a computer for long hours each day, the card showing the ‘Feel Good in 5’ routine calls to me! The ‘5’ includes the basic stance, squat, single leg lift, lower back and squat balance positions. What a great way to undo my bad computer posture. I can go plug in the kettle for a cup of tea and ‘feel good in 5’ while I wait.

This is going to be great!


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