I have had the most amazing experience!

 About 20 years ago I was in a car accident. I was driving to work on a beautiful sunny but very cold day, going over a bridge on a highway. Suddenly I saw the car ahead of me slide.  Then a transport truck hit me, causing me to go into a different lane where a van hit my passenger door. I was pushed into the guardrail where I stopped. Black ice was causing havoc on the highway. I felt like I had become a ping pong ball.

 I was not seriously hurt but my new car was totaled. The next day I went to the chiropractor. I had been seeing someone on and off for years. Every bone and muscle in my body hurt to the touch. It is many years later and I still have to go to the chiropractor for adjustments. Sometimes often, sometimes a little less.

Like everybody I have been busy getting ready for Christmas, New Years and finding time to work. My work is in front of a computer and it is an understatement to say I get stiff occasionally. Long story short, after one particular day of stress, I really needed an adjustment. My lower back hurt and I could feel spasms going up my mid back vertebrae. I knew the chiropractor was closed but I needed to do something.


HyperVibe to the rescue! I thought I would give myself the massage of all massages. I set the machine to the highest level at TONE. I set the timer at 2 minutes with a rest of 15 seconds and hit Start. I found the right position by slightly bending my knees. What was the right position? I found the sweet spot for the placement of my feet and the right hertz and amplitude. It was the right position because I could feel every muscle in my back vibrate. I was having a whole body HyperVibe massage to beat all massages!

 I did 2 sets of 2-minute intervals. Taking into account the fifteen-second break and I had not even used up 5 minutes!

As always, I got off the machine feeling warm, energized and like I had just gotten off the massage table. Of course I did not know how long the effects would last…

The next day I was running around doing this and that. I suddenly stopped and realized my back felt 90% better! The ache in my lower back that I had felt even when sitting was gone. I had had a ‘therapeutic experience’ thanks to HyperVibe.

I came into my office and sat down at the computer. I did a little searching and sure enough, there were research articles published on the connection between whole body vibration and sore muscles.

 In fact I found one article at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19675497 “The purpose of this study was to examine the effectiveness of whole-body vibration (WBV) massage and stretching exercises at reducing perceived pain among untrained men.” Basically the study examined two groups of men starting an exercise program. One group used standard stretching exercises after their exercise routine; the other group performed a WBV stretching routine.

 The results? “Statistical analyses identified a significantly lower level of reported perceived pain at all post workout measurement times among the WBV group.”…”These data suggest that incorporating WBV as a recovery/regeneration tool may be effective for reducing the pain of muscle soreness and tightness after strenuous training.”

Although my method to use WBV to relieve muscle soreness was not related to an exercise workout, the results were still similar. At the end of the day, I had excellent results – and relief – from using WBV to massage my sore back muscles. That works for me!

Today is New Year’s Eve. I think i will have another massage before the party begins!



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