Clients often call us looking into whether a machine is safe for use with a medical condition. For the most part, evidence and our own experience has shown that whole body vibration is probably one of the safest activities out there and almost anyone can do. It’s non-invasive, less impact that walking and a proper machine can provide a world of health and fitness benefits.

Overall there is a huge lack of understanding as to what is actually happening to your body on one of these machines. If people truly understood how it works, it would be in use everywhere from waiting in line at the bank to your health club and workplace.
Once in a while a client tells me that their doctor or specialist has advised they cannot use the machine but without really elaborating as to why not. In some rare cases this may be warranted but for the most part it’s often a lack of understanding or perhaps a poor impression that has ruled out a potentially viable tool for someone.


In my dream world, it would be our caregivers and health providers that introduce us the all the wonderful things it can offer our body and mind. It will be sometime until the ‘shakey machine’ stereotype fades and it’s potential healing effects are truly embraced. Until then you and the public at large are left to your own research and comparison.

If you have been afraid to pursue whole body vibration due to a bad experience or a lack of quality info you now know that there is experienced support out there. Few companies selling these machines understand let alone assess your individual needs nor how to help manage them.

If you are dealing with a specific medical concern and want to discuss your unique concerns please reach out. We will assist you in your journey and direct you to WBV professional in your area for experienced opinion where available. We’d be happy to email info or talk directly to your care provider to help support your research.


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