I have done some more reading to compare machines. I really wanted to understand if my plateau effect was real – so I went back to the whole question of Frequency again.

I read information that broke down the different effects you get when you exercise within different frequencies. For instance, frequencies between…


· 6 – 8 Hz are great for promoting balance and stability.

· 9 – 14 Hz are great for promoting blood circulation, injury rehabilitation and relaxation of the muscles.

· 15 – 22 Hz are great for muscle strength and improved co-ordination.

· 23 – 28 Hz are great for muscle strength, improved muscle tone, increased bone density, neurological stimulation…

Bingo. T-Zone VT 12 provides 5.09 – 14.51 Hz Engineer’s Report supporting balance, stability, rehab and relaxation…

I wanted muscle strength, improved muscle tone and increased bone density. I need a machine with twice the power! No wonder I hit a plateau and was not achieving the results I wanted (or thought I would get).

Then I came upon this news story and video posted on  Hypervibe Ontario’s Facebook page. “Exercises can be performed while on the platform, which will have a different effect on the read more at athleticbusiness.com





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