One of the frequent questions asked by people with osteoporosis when first trying whole body vibration platforms is whether these exercises are actually safe for someone with weak bones, or they’ll end up damaging the bone tissue even more.

The great majority of existing studies suggest that exercising on a vibration machine is safe for people with osteoporosis, so there’s no need to avoid this form of training if you’ve been diagnosed with this condition, or if you have been mostly sedentary until now and think your bones aren’t prepared for too intense workouts.


Contrary to what one may think if unfamiliar with WBV, this form of training has been found to be effective in improving bone mineral density in postmenopausal women with weak bones due to osteoporosis, and is widely used as a complementary treatment in people affected by this condition.
Although there isn’t a standard routine or treatment plan that includes whole body vibration for osteoporosis sufferers, this type of exercise should definitely be considered by people affected by this condition.  Read full Article…

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