Most of us have change on the brain this time of year.  Making a list of changes or dare I say – resolutions is the easy part.  Acting on that list and implementing them sometimes not so much.  Finding the motivation to change our routine is where the challenge lies. Give yourself a break!
It takes time to learn how to be disciplined, to take those healthy choices and turn them into habits. Don’t get caught up in the New Years “hype” and simplify things. Pick a primary goal.  Be it to become more active or eat better, lifestyle changes will be easier to accomplish if you break them into smaller pieces.

Getting more active is our area of focus and where we hope to help you the most. Same advice applies, start simple and focus on creating habits vs trying to commit to dramatic sudden changes.  Maybe it’s getting back to 2 minutes on your vibe machine every morning, adding a walk after one of your meals or even just standing in front of your TV for 5 minutes instead of sitting on the couch. You up for a change?
Sometimes a little healthy competition helps with getting started.  No winners or losers here though, just a bunch of people wanting to start changes. Let us help you be accountable and start forming those healthy habits.  Not all of you own a Hypervibe and I wanted to find a way for everyone who wants to take part to be able to participate.  This is about getting motivated, having some support & forming healthy habits vs the “hype”.

Focus on that simple start with my Stand, Squat or Shake Challenge.

Pick a Pose that you would be able to perform based on your fitness level.

  1. START NOW – Forget New Years as an excuse to delay!  Write it down. Record your start date and complete daily for the next 30 days. If you find the duration is too long decrease, to short and easy to perform then increase your time. Download our tracker by CLICKING HERE. Print a copy to post and remind you to complete!
  2. Be Accountable to Me!  At the end of your first week email me, call me whatever you prefer and tell me how your first week went. Then again at the end of the first 30 days by sending me your tracker.  I’m in your corner, we all need someone we can be accountable to sometimes, helps keep us going!
  3. Email tracker to once you have completed 30 your days.

Complete by Jan 23, 2017 to be entered to win $150 in wellness products.

  1. Charmaine says:

    Hi Deb, Finished the first week of the challenge and feel great. This challenge is a perfect way to get motivated to get back in shape now and the New Year..
    Thanks for the ‘kick in the butt.’

    • Debby says:

      Thanks so much for sharing Charmaine and for taking part in some fun with us! Please let me know how you heard about it! Be sure to complete your 30 days and email to us once complete to be entered into our draw!

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