Whenever someone asks me how to tone or strengthen their arms its hard to offer a simple answer. I will usually ask them “when was the last time you did a push up”? Those of you that have had this conversation with me know where this is going.

A proper vibration machine can make traditional exercise positions more effective while fatiguing you faster. If you haven’t done a push up in over a decade I recommend taking in some of our tips to help you get back into good habits and work your way up to a full on push up as technique and stability improve.

There is a few simple things to keep in mind to reduce vibration to your head and how to direct it to the neck, shoulders and upper back where you want to feel the stimulation. Once you try a few sessions it becomes easy to know how to utilize it to relieve tension in these areas while getting the added bonus of muscle toning and strength.

Exercise videos available on our training & support site or via our Hypervibe App.


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