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Make a commitment to yourself. If you are going to do your own research on WBV, ensure you are getting your information from credible sites.

For instance, I came upon a site about WBV that included Medusa and the Clash of the Titans – what the heck is that all about?

I will continue to add more resources, but as a start, bookmark these sites and you can’t go wrong:

Motion Health Fitness, Wellness, Human Function

Hypervibe Australia Blog

Your Resource For Whole Body Vibration Training & Therapy

Vibration Exercise Dr. Jasper Sidhu

These are a ‘FEW’ articles you can find on WBV on the Amplitude Vibration site!

Targeting Belly Fat with WBV

Whole Body Vibration Training: Can You Really Shake Yourself Fit?

Does vibrating exercise work?

Vibration Training for Balance and Stability

Using Whole Body Vibration to Prevent Athletic Injury

Wall Street Journal Article- “Dad Shakes Up Routine to Keep Up with the Boys”

Vibration Training is Doing Wonders at Medina High School

COPD Rehabilitation Improves With Whole-Body Vibration on Galileo (Vibraflex)

Vibrate Your Way Into Shape at Amplitude Vibration Studio

Vibration Training and Osteoporosis

Vibrate Yourself to a Leaner You

Whole Body Vibration Improves Function after Hip Surgery

Good Vibrations

Vibration and Perfomance Enhancement

Fitness Trends That Seem Like a Joke But Aren’t!

Vibration Training and Running Injuries

WBV and Joint Hypermobility

Pivotal Vibration Training and Functional Strengthening

Effects Of Vibration Training on the Brain (Academic)

Vibration Therapy: Shaking Off Knee Pain

Vibration helps reduce pain in chronic sufferers, UF researchers find


Self-Management of Idiopathic Adhesive Capsulitis Using WBV – A Case Study

Fab over 50- A Strong Body and Stronger Bones in 18 minutes?

Vibrating Away My Blues

Vibration Training – Fitness Magazine

Daily Vibration and Diabetes (Youth)


You would have to live in a cave not to recognize the names Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen of Oprah fame. Even they have weighed in on the WBV:

“Whole body vibration is a technique pioneered by the Soviets decades ago to help cosmonauts stay in space for long periods without losing so much muscle and bone that they were rag dolls when they got back to Earth. It worked. But does WBV do anything for the earthbound?

The science is mixed but promising, particularly for improving strength, power, balance and bone density. WBV also might help keep weight off once you’ve lost it. Also, it seems to target the deep belly fat (visceral fat) that’s linked to diabetes and heart disease. And in one small study, people with low-back pain who vibrated twice a week for 12 weeks got relief.”



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