What is my vibration machine to me? Article 2

The first article delved in to an area many of us suffer from time to time. Lower Back Pain.

In this second article I would like to talk a bit about another benefit that is quite often left out of discussions. Energy! Many of us like to indulge ourselves in a caffeinated beverage to help shake off the morning yawns and to give us a boost in the mid afternoon to get us through the rest of our day.

We all know someone who is active, regularly works out perhaps in the morning, at lunch or after work. They always seem to have lots of energy and a positive attitude but why?

“In a study published in the journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics in 2008, University of Georgia researchers found that inactive folks who normally complained of fatigue could increase energy by 20% while decreasing fatigue by as much as 65% by simply participating in regular, low-intensity exercise.”

Well how can a vibration machine help? Whole body vibration (WBV) is considered a “low” impact activity so could this be the alternative for me? The reason I love WBV so much is the versatility a good machine can provide. Machines capable of operating in the frequency ranges of 18-40hz provide very useful ranges of pulsed acceleration and with suitable displacement options the intensity of the frequency can be manipulated sufficiently to suit any contra cleared user.

A 15 minute walk can be sufficient for up to a 20% boost in energy and a 65% decrease in fatigue. A suitable WBV machine can induce the same level of fatigue a short walk would create in a fraction of the time. Time is a major factor for many of us. What if I said I could save you 10 minutes without having to leave the comfort of your home or office! That would be pretty amazing, now how about the capability of achieving the fatigue level of a comfortable 15 minute walk in under 3 minutes. Now that’s astounding!!!

Re-energize, quickly and easily. No caffeine, no drugs just simple activity. Squat (Light to Mid Squat), Sit and stretch in 3 minutes. No hassle, no getting dressed to go out just step up to your platform.

Here is an example of a super simple energy program.


Frequencies and displacement may be adjusted based on user comfort but remember, fatigue requires conscious challenge so don’t sell yourself short but at the same time this particular program is not intended to help you burn significant calories.

It’s designed to stimulate circulation and create light to moderate or high if preferred rates of fatigue to the legs, hips, glutes and lower back. In reality the only pose that will create fatigue is the squat. Modifications based on user comfort can begin once recommended frequencies and displacement no longer create sufficient fatigue. Increasing frequency will increase plate acceleration and pulsed G forces thereby reducing time to fatigue. Decreasing frequencies will act in opposite. Increasing displacement will increase the intensity of the frequency and modestly increase G’s as well. Decreasing displacement again as above will reduce the G’s.

To boost the program and add light upper body exercise try incorporating yoga bands or typically included resistance bands. Do side, front or alternate raises in slow controlled movements trying to maximize range of motion without over stretching. Go slow and don’t over extend or use excessive levels of tension. Once a level of comfort has been achieved begin with dynamic squats, again slow steady and in balance, weight shifted to heels 70/30. This latter part is important so pay attention to weight disbursement and posture in your static and dynamic squats. Head up, shoulders back and push to recover to stand using heels not your toes.

I wish you positive energy and happy vibes.

Dan Pelletier
Master Instructor
Whole Body Vibration


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