By: Dan Pelletier

What is my vibration machine to me? A series of interesting perspectives and experience.

Article 1

Lower Back Pain

back1 vs back2

It’s my personal massage therapist! A common response from many back pain users. Tight tense muscles in the hips and lower back are stimulated in a way similar to traditional physical manipulation of the muscle with the benefit of engaging tension and release reflex through a larger percentage of muscle in a safe static environment.

Frequencies that work well in releasing muscle tension range from 17-23hz.

Displacement ranges are based on personal comfort but a new user should refrain from wide foot placement due to the higher degree of force applied. A mid to centre based foot position would be good places to start.

The higher frequencies especially exceeding 17hz become quite tonic versus choppy in nature and are very different than the slower frequencies.

Here are some great static positions that you can try that can assist in relieving tense sore muscles in the lower back, calves, hips, thighs and buttocks.

revibeback1 revibeback2
revibeback3 revibeback6
revibeback5 revibeback4

Some precautionary tips for new users.

Remember when standing to use your ability to bend at the knees especially if you are uncomfortable with upper body stimulation. If you’ve ever tried a machine while standing straight and tried to have a conversation you know what I mean.

For sitting or kneeling poses a dampening mat should be utilized but is up to the user. Many platforms are relatively hard so a soft foam mat can be used or a simple piece of an old yoga mat if you like or you can purchase one at

Frequencies indicated are a typical range but “Your” frequency should be one that you are comfortable with. You can increase over time as you become more comfortable with it’s use.

Always consult your Health Care professional to ensure suitability to general physical activity.

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