Well, my husband and I went to see a personal trainer, Kim Thompson at her Vitality Source Fitness studio on Locke Street in Hamilton. This was a benefit of buying our HyperVibe machine through the Ontario HyperVibe Rep.

 Kim did a complete assessment of our fitness levels – a truly humbling experience! We were there for 90 minutes. She assessed our aerobic levels (poor to fair) and our fitness levels (not much better!)

We are certainly like a lot of our ‘over the age of 50’ friends: we spend too much time at a desk and / or commuting to work; we have good intentions – although we quit making New Year’s Eve resolutions long ago; we know exercise is a key to our health; but… there just is never enough time in the day.

 After our fitness assessments Kim taught us each of the basic moves to get the most of our new WBV machine. Each move is outlined on the handy post card that came with the HyperVibe.

 Feel Good in 5 includes the Basic Stance, Squat, Single Leg, Lower Back and Squat Balance. For each, you put your feet on the platform at an amplitude of 2 and set it at either Balance, Recovery, Train or Tone. I am starting at the Recovery program for the first 10 days; then I will progress to the Train program (giving me between 15 and 22 hertz.)

 The Lower Body Workout includes the Basic Squat, Lunge, Calf Raise, Lower Back and Squat Balance.

 The Upper Body and Cool Down includes Modified Push Ups, the Tricep Dip, Reverse Push Up, Lateral Stretch and Calf Stretch. Again I am using an amplitude of 2 and I started with the Recovery program with plans to progress to the Training program.

 When we left the studio we were stunned! We were both aware of every muscle – especially in our legs, abs and gluts – for the rest of the day. It felt like we had worked out for hours!

 I am now doing the basic workout 3 times a week. I set the machine to the Recovery program. Believe me, doing lunges and holding positions is hard on a vibrating platform. And what is even harder is the push up exercise! I felt muscles in my upper arms that I have not felt in a very long time. In fact, it was reminiscent of Jane Fonda saying (many years ago) ‘go for the burn! They were simple ‘girl’ push ups too – just on my knees. But to do that exercise with my hands on the vibrating platform really made a difference.

 This is not scientific, and only my opinion, but after 5 push ups I felt like I had done 20.

We also have to increase our walking – both the distance and the speed – to help with our aerobic levels. Although we have a dog that needs walks, she is 10 years old and sometimes presents a challenge to walk at a steady clip.

 I have also been using the HyperVibe Training setting for relaxing my back muscles after sitting at my desk. Depending on how I slightly bend my knees I can feel the effect – and it feels great – in either my lower or mid back.

 So far so good. It does not take long and it feels amazing. I can see where it will be easy to get hooked on the benefits of whole body vibration in the comfort of my own home.



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