Wow, I have just had the strangest experience! I am not a WBV machine dealer or reseller; I am a consumer. I am looking for honest facts and research that I can trust and can understand – not gibberish posed as scientific evidence. I have just been to two sites: one with contact info in New York with a photo of someone I assumed was the contact person – a real person – with the nick name the Vibration Professor. Then I went to another site, based in Ontario, and saw a photo of the same man – but this time he was in a white coat with a stethoscope.  His ‘medical’ image was reinforcing the banner that said ‘backed by worldwide research’.  I am still fighting back an impulse to laugh out loud  – because they were the same person!   Now in previous jobs I have had the opportunity to use clip art so I couldn’t help myself! I Googled ‘clip art medical doctor’. Guess what? He was on the first page of the first site I went to! So I did it again: ‘Clip art man in suit. ’  You guessed it! There he was!


The Vibration Professor is actually known in the clip art world as “Isolated portrait of a senior executive man.  Cheerful in a suit.’ or as a  “medical authority” on the other site is known in the clip art world as “Close up portrait of an old Doctor with people standing in background.”  Sorry, but my trust in the sites just went down the tubes.

There is nothing wrong with clip art. Call me naive, but when I am reading any type of sales letter or website that is trying to develop an emotional connection and trust with me, I assume the photo is of the person ‘speaking’ to me. When the photo turns out to be “Close up portrait of an old Doctor” and “Isolated portrait of a Senior Exec Business Man” – I am left feeling deflated – and distrustful.

I will continue on my own journey thanks. And I promise to identify clip art if I use any!

Oh, the image of the book “Using Whole Body Vibration in Physical Therapy and Sport” is a REAL professional resource!



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