Sitting Disease. Two words that caused my heart rate to increase and a feeling of anxiety to slowly sweep over my body.

You may have heard the term but I have just read about it in an article that asked “Do you have Sitting Disease?”

Well, I wondered… I work at my desk all day.

Sitting Disease is the new catchy buzz phrase to draw attention to the fact that our sedentary life style is putting our health at risk.

Consider the facts:

We sit during meals; commuting to work; at our desks; commuting back home after work; and while relaxing – sitting on the deck, reading or watching TV in the evening.

Long periods of physical inactivity raise our risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity.

But consider the benefits of Whole Body Vibration.

WBV causes the muscles and tissues surrounding the joints to stretch and vibrate. The repetitive movement of the platform on the HyperVibe sends repeated pulsations of kinetic energy through your body. You control the strength of the energy waves with the control panel.

WBV is based upon frequency, amplitude and gravitational load – all designed to make our muscles stretch at different times – forcing our muscles to continually work.

Higher frequencies force the platform to move faster, delivering more energy to your body. The displacement is the distance or how far the plate goes up and down.

Together, frequency and displacement control the level of G-force or the load on the muscles generated by the machine’s movement.

So it seems to me that Whole Body Vibration, in particular a quality machine, could have an important role to play in preventing Sitting Disease.

But remember:  if you want to stimulate your muscles, circulation and bone density you need to know which machines offer the most G-Force – because research indicates that low G-force vibration may not provide enough load to achieve the results promised.

I understand that for any exercise to be effective, you have to stimulate muscles to stretch and contract; and you have to make your muscles work harder than normal – you have to increase the load on your muscles – to see any results.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers do not specify the maximum G-Force of their machines but instead only report the frequency and displacement. So if you have not done it already – and if you don’t already own a HyperVibe WBV Machine – then download a copy of the Engineer’s Report to read the results for yourself.

I am not a scientist, but my logic says that whole body vibration can have an important role to play in the prevention and treatment of Sitting Disease. And it can be done at home!




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