I’m back!

Don’t ask. Life. Kids. Grandkids. But really, I would be the first to tell you – there is no excuse for not taking advantage of all your HyperVibe has to offer.

I have been taking it easy and enjoying the massage effects of my machine between long bouts of sitting at my desk and I have been tackling restless leg syndrome before bedtime. And those two benefits have been GREAT! In fact, when we went away for two weeks to see my mother-in-law who is ill, I missed it terribly. But it is time to kick it up a notch and get back into the swing of some serious HyperVibe exercising since summer has arrived.

I have to admit that my motivation was given a kick-start when I saw the new video that details the Whole Body Vibration Buyer’s Guide. Adro Sarnelli, Australia’s first winner of The Biggest Loser TV show presents the results in easy-to-understand terms in an online video. The best part: 41 of the most popular Whole Body Vibration machines were sent to 4 independent engineering laboratories specializing in vibration analysis to have their performance capabilities tested. And I loved the results!


The Buyer’s Guide…

• Outlines which two features of a vibration machine play a key role in creating a slimmer, stronger body in the shortest possible time. FACT: only the top 9 out of 41 machines had both!

• Will give you the confidence of knowing which machines are backed by scientific research.

• Will identify the unique ability the best machines had in common and why astronauts are now using machines with this ability. FACT: 32 machines FAILED to demonstrate this ability when pushed to their limits by the engineers!

• Demonstrates which machine settings were most commonly used in over 250 research experiments to achieve maximum muscle benefits.

• Will tell you the surprising machine which out-performed 38 of the other 40 machines – yet costs a lot LESS than the other top 8 performers.

I suspect you are guessing which machine was a hands down winner…but watch the video to see and hear all of the details yourself. It is worth it!

I know from all of the reading I have done on whole body vibration that Australia is a leader in producing research that has been used by doctors, physiotherapists and trainers. I cannot imagine what one would have to go through to participate – and then win – the Biggest Loser contest. The fact that Adro Sarnelli was the program’s first winner speaks volumes to his commitment to losing weight, staying fit and maintaining the gains. It is pretty exciting to know he has created a whole exercise program based on HyperVibe in his own fitness studio in Australia.

Here is your challenge: watch the Buyer’s Guide Video, I guarantee you will be impressed!

Then watch Adro in his studio The New Me


Now get on your machine and get moving. I am!


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