Vibration Machine Training for Home or Business

There are a variety of machines available with different movement styles and different specifications within each type of machine.  If you are looking for guidance in selecting a proper machine, please visit for resources to help you make an informed decision.


Using a vibration machine effectively is as important as the machine you select. Whether you are dealing with a medical concern or just looking for a good fitness program many using vibration machines are looking for training support and the vast majority of companies selling these machines provide little more than an operation manual.  


Here at Motion Health we bring over 10 years of whole body vibration training experience and can support you with any kind of vibration machine, in any environment for a variety of applications. If you are looking for personal or business training, we offer virtual training support and a variety or programs/protocols tailored to suits your needs.

Training Support Options


Personal/Business Consultation – there is no cost in talking with a consultant, we offer a 15 minute no obligation over the phone discussion to assess your needs and type of vibration machine to consider to reach your personal or business goals. If you own a machine now and are just looking for support, consider a One Time Session or Training Plan with us.


One Time Training Session – if you already own a vibration machine and simply want an overview of how to use it effectively, we coffer a one hour crash course and demo session via telephone. You will need to be by your equipment and ready to use for this session. $99.


Personal Training Plan – One month (4 calls) of weekly 30-minute calls to outline goals and identify any medical concerns. Together we will develop a suitable program for your ongoing home use. $199.  

Book a 30 minute at any time to discuss additional needs, new medical concerns or if you just need more support. Calls are by appointment after initial training plan has been outlined for $39.


Professional Resources –One time and ongoing training support is available for medical professionals, businesses and care providers. We offer Professional support for use in medical and wellness environments. Book a no obligation consultation and allow us to better assess your needs to provide the best compliment in equipment and training.


Debby Pelletier
Director Training &  Education